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 The hydraulic oscillator is the longitudinal vibration generated by the hydraulic action of the drilling fluid to improve the effectiveness of the weight-on-bit transmission during the drilling process and reduce the friction between the drilling tool and the borehole, especially to improve the weight-on-bit during the directional drilling process The transmission reduces torsional vibration. It is a downhole tool used to solve bottom hole decompression and improve the transmission of WOB. Smooth weight-on-bit transmission improves the ability to adjust the tool face of the drill bit, so that the drill can reach farther destination layers. During drilling, there is no need to work too much to adjust the tool surface, maintain the stability of the tool surface, and increase the mechanical drilling speed. It is especially suitable for use in horizontal wells and extended reach wells. It can be used with MWD, downhole motor and any drill bit at the same time.

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